Why psytrance is (not) shit

This video from the guys is just great, because it has an enormous portion of humor as well as true facts as well as an appeal to bring something new into this music genre.

20 years of producing has led to a write out of the musical „language“ of Psytrance so that most of psyacts sounds the same („Everybody uses the same vengeance sounds“ – Yes, I agree with this). But of course there is also an expectation of hearing amoung the listeners and dancers, who exactly wants this sound or this element, because they know it „works“ for them. For me the „Offbeat“ base is a mercy, because it gives drive to every piece using it. Yes – it starts to get on my nerves also, if it is doupled with a loud open high hat and an additional short synth „pleep“ (last hipe) all the time.

A short break which leads to the same loop in the context of Psychadelic Trance means to me that the producer wants to bring back again the focus of attention to this (unaltered) element – absolutely allowed. One of the strongest methods to get someones attention is to use human voices in a piece of music, because human nature is focused on it. But it is a necessity to process the words with effects, that they could not be understood anymore. Otherwise you would/could start to think about the statement and loose the concentration towards the music (have a look for „Scat-Singing“ in Jazz music as an equivalent).

In 1970 every small boy wanted to become an astronout. Today they want to become a DJ, but the DJs are fading away from the line-ups and „liveacts“ could be found instead. But how to become a lifeact? Buy the software Life from Ableton and tons of preproduced sounds and loops. Put together everything in no time, be a „liveact“ and sound like everybody else :-(. If you want to be this kind of producer – have a look here:

So, in my opinion everyone (concert organizer, label, musician and audience) should ask oneselve: Do we need ten acts sounding the same? Should my new album sound exactly the same as the last one? Do I want to listen to ten tracks sounding the same? If everybody is answering with „yes“, everything is fine. If not – change something!

New developments and conditions are going to lead to new sounds. But – be patient! It took 10 years to reinvent the Psytrance sound (with Progressive Psytrance) .