Silence is golden – Stelios Karniotakis a.k.a. Golden Drop

Why stray into the distance when the good is so close. May I proudly introduce my label colleague at Infinity-Tunes Records Stelios Karniotakis a.k.a. Golden Drop, who only recently stood out with his latest track Synergetic, which were up to rank 62 of the best psytrance tracks on Beatport in May.

What really made me curious is the fact that Stelios released his first track in 2017, but his sound and compositions are already so sophisticated and mature. I’d like to add that his very first released track Man must explore was directly chosen as on of the best Psytrance releases of the month on Beatport. What a start! So it was probably time to get to know my colleague a little better.

After he wrote me that he works as an air traffic controller, I think I have already found the answer to my question above. Perfection rules his life. Because with the same necessary precision with which he has to direct airplanes in the sky so that they can take off and land safely, he also arranges the musical events in his tracks. But that this perfection has nothing to do with compulsion but rather with a love for detail, you will experience at the latest when listening to his wonderful melodic and harmonic pieces. So people trust this man and his music. He will let you take off and also help you to land safely again. :)

Even though his musical roots lie in heavy metal and psychedelic rock, he has also been convinced by the progressive side of Psytrance that emerged at the beginning of the new millennium. And after five years as a DJ, he was driven in 2011 to go even further and produce this music himself. The advantage he had at that time over previous generations of electronic music producers was that the production equipment was already fully democratized and digitized and you could start with a powerful computer, a digital audio workstation like Steinberg Cubase, Ableton Live or Fruity Loops a.o., a few plug-ins and and monitor boxes. In 2017 Stelios met Nick Karamalakis a.k.a. Infinity or HpsyV, who had founded his label Infinity-Tunes in 2014, while searching for a mastering service. Nick immediately recognized the potential of this newcomer and asked Stelios to release his first track with him, while Stelios was still of the opinion that his production level might not be sufficient for a release. True greatness is characterized by modesty!

Stelios is also very focused in terms of his choice of production tools (such as Fabfilter or Xfer) and tutorials (such as Sonic Academy or FuturePhonic). Here his device is „less is more“ or quality over quantity and he advises this to all newcomers who are enthusiastic about producing Psytrance. In contrast, his utterances on musical matters are almost poetic. For example, I asked him about his stage name Golden Drop and what he means by a drop. To which he replied: „A drop is like the final discussion between the elements that „speak“ to each other during the track […] and if I had to choose a colour that represents a melody, that would be the golden one.“ :)

What interests everyone, of course, in composers is his answer to the question of where he gets his inspiration from. And if you hear the light pearling of his arpeggios and the organic interaction of the many well-arranged elements in his tracks, his statement is not surprising at all that he gets his inspiration from „silence, connection with mother earth, beautifull landscapes and positive vibes“ which he will certainly find in his beautiful home on the island of Crete.

A great, creative and focused mind paired with sun, beach and good mood compressed into a handful of fantastic progressive Psytrance tracks. Ladies and Gentelman, please listen to Golden Drop. This is Psytrance of heart and soul.

Dear Stelios thank you so much for your time to help to create this article. We are curious about your new tracks.