Streaming the playlist: Progressive Morning Psy I play

It is time to sharpen the musical profile of further – even if this should already be obvious by now. How could this be done better than with a playlist of the author’s current favorite tracks and a (hopefully) weekly new discovery, which will be mentioned again in a separate short article.

The top title „Progressive Morning Psy I play“ is also the one of my new Deezer playlist, which I will maintain intensively in the near future. You can complain about the meager payouts of the streaming portals to the musicians and producers who now react to this in turn with ever shorter tracks. But this seems to be set for the next few years and honestly – at least for the music lover it is really a blessing. Finally, you get a real order in your music collection, fantastic search functions, you have access to most new releases of every genre your are interested in and in the meantime also in CD quality- at least as long as you pay. Worthwhile especially for frequent listeners.

Even if until recently some tracks were still bought by DJs from industry giants such as as digital downloads, the triumph of streaming also seems to be making unstoppable progress here. All major DJ software programs such as Traktor, Serato or rekordbox can now fall back on at least one streaming provider and „DJing“ works just as smoothly as with CDs or MP3/Wav/Aiff. Meanwhile, there are also mobile providers who offer special music flat rates for little money. In my opinion, it’s only a matter of time before this technology is used across the board. All this now makes the decision for me to care more about my streaming list. Of course, as always, I lag behind the trend a bit ;).

The list below is of course meant to represent my very own personal music preferences. If you have been to these pages before, you know the taste of the author. It’s the wonderfully spherical, melodic, emotionally deep, earthy groovy progressive psytrance tracks that DJs play in the wee hours of the morning, when you’ve slogged and danced your way through the night and really just want to float across the dance floor and be enveloped by the sound with a big grin on your face.

So will this list. I’ve already put a few favorite tracks in there that I love, but I’m trying to pick out the absolute finest tracks from the pool available to me. That means that this list will be in constant revision and expansion. Have a listen and leave a like.