A History of a colourful Culture by Raja Ram in Mushroom Online Magazine

Es macht Bleep von Barbara Volkwein

Hedonic Tantra: Golden Goa’s Trance Dance Transmission by Erik Davis in Rave Culture and Religion (Routledge, 2004)

Interview with 8 finger Eddie

The second summer of love by Chris Nickson

Unveiling the Secret – The Roots of Trance by Dave Mothersole

Zur Geschichte elektronischer Instrumente in populärer Musik von Matthias Glodek

How it became house-y, technoid and then got psychedelic again by Roberto Raval

How Psytrance separated from Progressive, went through a fast generation conflict and eventually partly reconciled with Progressive again.

The early days: How Techno turned Goa Trance turned Psytrance


ACL – Audiophile Circuits League Modularsynthesizersysteme von Stefan Lewin a.k.a. Magnetrixx

Caos Conzept Psychedelic Blacklight Art Site Berlin

Cognitive Dissidents UV Active Decor Team from London UK

Goabase Parties & People

Ludox Video Cutter from Berlin

Psyshop Psytrance/Progressive Trance/Chill Music Online Store

Psychedelic Island Homepage of Psytrance Producer and Publicist Ananda Shanti Das

Transform Sauerländer Melodic Techno (former Element)

Scion of Mars My own progressive psytrance music

Shenom Digital 3d Artist from Cologne

Labels (I work with)

Infinity Tunes Records

Pink Dolphin Music