Hi fraggle and musicenthusiast,

welcome to my pages! If you found this site, I guess you are interested in Psytrance music somehow. This is no party calendar, festival guide, radio station or social network. If you are searching for this, have look into Links. I`m a Psychadelic Trance music lover (especially Progressive Psytrance) and this is the platform of my private „research“. Never I have been convinced from this night sound concept, and in the meantime it is generally known that Katharsis leads into the opposite direction than intended. Dark Psy, Dark Metal, Dark Matter – leave me alone. Let there be light and serotonin for the damned!

What is it all about? It started in the year 2000 with a new release from Atmos called „Headcleaner“ which has been one of the first albums of a remarkable development in the domain of Psytrance later called „Progressive Psytrance“. This style really moves me until the present day, so that I`m convinced one should take a closer look at it. With „closer look“ I mean to study this kind of music with the tools of musicology – musical analysis – to clearify e.g. what does the addition „progressive“ really means (if there is a meaning) and what are the specifics of this kind of music.

While analysing each track, I will try to put my focus on the main (sound) elements, the form and other specialities, which  make the piece for me outstanding. Of course I will try to find out something regarding the technical equipment, which has been used to produce the music.

Don`t be afraid. This won`t be a stiff scientific essay. Pure subjective opinions and comments are going to pave the way :).

But first of all I will give a short overview regarding the roots of Psytrance. I don`t want to go too deep into the history of the Goa parties, scene and culture, because this part is already well documented.